Stepping Stones on God’s Path…

 Are you on a journey to find your God-given purpose? Have you ever sat down at your computer and written random questions that you were not sure you could answer? Did you eventually try to find an answer? I went through this process several years ago because I had lost a sense of direction in my life. I knew I wanted a purpose again, a dream to pursue.
            God is an amazing friend because He allowed this wandering in my heart to lead me to a new beginning that included some very comfortable and desirable things I have always loved. The things are clothing, colors, styles and of course, people. He also gave me the ability to listen and help others find an answer to their needs. Sometimes we don’t realize that we have all we need to fulfill a dream right within our grasp. I was there, but I kept searching for more information or confirmation that I was on the right path. Have you ever been at this place? Eventually, I stopped my search and rested.
            After a while God began to help me put the pieces of my dream together so I could see what was missing. He showed me the missing piece was a person by the name of Shari Braendel, author of Good Girl’s don’t have to Dress Bad and a well-known Christian women’s speaker and fashion expert. Our first encounter was through e-mail and a conference call, which eventually lead to my certification as a Christian Image Consultant and professional women’s speaker.
 When I first discovered that training with Shari meant I would have to do a presentation for her, I was petrified!!! But I still went ahead and got the training. I can honestly say, after I relaxed a little, that I love sharing my heart with women and helping them to realize that they are perfect just the way they are! We are after all, “dazzling designer originals created by God for timeless beauty”.
You might be wondering, “is your dream complete?” No, it is ongoing because there are thousands of women who still want to look beautiful. My path however is clear because God is leading it and I am following Him. The one thing that is different is that I have a true passion to serve and I am no longer lost or searching! I am making a difference in other people’s lives. My God-given purpose is to share tips and ideas about fashion as a vehicle to reach women and to share how God has transformed my life by changing me on the inside so that I am able to reflect that beauty on the outside.
Would you like to join me on this journey? I would love to show you the way!!  

4 thoughts on “Stepping Stones on God’s Path…

  1. I started down the path I’m on – writing about encouragement in marriage – because of a desire to know what God wanted for me. I’d almost completed homeschooling my kids, and wasn’t sure what would be next. He is a wonderful Father – and always provides.

    1. Thank you for commenting. You are right that God is faithful and He always takes care of us. I hope you know now what is “next” and that God is blessing your work.

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