Accessories…Tips for dressing up your style

How to use accessories is a question I often get asked when I’m working with a client so I thought I should answer it. There are lots of different types of accessories available which can be very frustrating for some people and a lot of fun for others, but really all comes down to your style personality. Here are few things to keep in mind.

Personality Types

  • The basic items plus accessories!

    Classic Modern- She loves to have lots of basics in her closet so that it’s easy to get dressed. She likes to add a few trends to her wardrobe, but most of the time she keeps her style simple.

  • Creative Original- She loves to add texture, layers, and pattern to her style. She likes to mix in antique jewelry or other period styles in her basic wardrobe.
  • Pure Natural- She keeps it simple and natural. She likes a soft and relaxed look. She loves to wear fabrics such as cotton or linen. She likes the outdoors so comfort is a must. Her jewelry is simple and traditional.
  • Style Fashionista- She loves to wear the latest trends. She likes to add statement jewelry to her outfits. She loves to add bold colors or an edginess to her style.

Once you discover your style personality it’s easy to learn how to add in the elements that complement your taste.

Types of Accessories

  • Hair and Makeup
  • Purses, Jewelry, and Scarves
  • Shoes
  • Glasses

The key to wearing any of these items is learning how to balance the size, color, and style with your height and appearance. You want to keep trends in mind to create an updated look to your wardrobe. Don’t go overboard with all the trends! It’s always better to add one or two statement pieces that you’ll love and use through out the season.

Click this here to see some examples of trends for the fall. I would love for you to give your feedback to these questions:

  • What is your biggest struggle with accessories?
  • How often do you change your hairstyle or makeup?
  • What is your favorite accessory?
  • How can I help you discover your style personality?

When you find yourself feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by all of the choices, take a minute to breath and realize that accessories are pieces in your wardrobe that bring spark to style. If you need some help figuring out what to add to your wardrobe or you want some virtual style advice; go here and schedule a quick 30 minute appointment with me. I’d LOVE to help you.