Community Education and Style Workshops

The purpose of this service is to provide small companies, organizations, or ministries for women with a fun and informative training on fashion. For a small company or organization the training would focused around developing a professional appearance in the work place. For a church related organization or ministry I would provide women with fashion principles and spiritual encouragement regarding their appearance.

The format for the training would include:

  • A personal information manual for each student.
  • An interactive seminar with a power point presentation
  • 3-4 hours for learning about color analysis, body type assessment, and accessorizing.
  • Color analysis for each participant and a personalized color swatch set
  • The book “Help Me Jesus!” I have nothing to wear  by Shari Braendel
  • Tips for learning your style personality

Price:  based on travel expense, workshop documentation, books, and swatch sets. Lynnae will work to accommodate every budget.

Guest listening to Lynnae's presentation Lynnae Sharing color characteristics Sharing about body types Sharing about star personalities Star personality models (1) Vendor Tables at New Year New Design

Workshop Events and Seminars

Healthy and Blessed
This event was held for six consecutive week Lynnae partnered with a health coach to educated several women about the benefits of healthy eating, nutrition, and dressing to build their self confidence learning to wear the correct colors that are complimentary to their skin tone, eye color, and hair color as well as choosing clothes and accessories to give each person a polished and stylish look.

New Year New Design, A Focus on a Brand New Me 
This was a one day event  Lynnae partnered with Melissa Dyer of Covenant Natural Health Care. Lynnae presented to each guest how they could use some fun fashion tips to design a whole look for themselves with color, understanding their body type and how to dress it, accessorizing and understanding their star personality. Melissa educated each guest about the importance of good nutrition and that food and nutrition really are medicine for our body. She illustrated that the use of nutrition response testing can bring balance to our mental and emotional well-being. There were several vendors present to give ladies the opportunity to do some shopping and to learn about other nutrition benefits.