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          Some people might say "yuck" to a cool glass of water but recently I found water to be very refreshing to my body and especially to my skin.  About two months ago  I decided to make some drastic changes to my diet because of health concerns that had developed.

          Part of the changes to my diet included eliminating certain foods that I ate and drank. So I began to cut back on my consumption of diet soft drinks. I went from one a day to one per week to none in the past several weeks. Now I drink water all day long which has many healthy benefits such as staying hydrated, keeping my kidneys flushed, and giving me beautiful skin. This is my favorite benefit because my skin is brighter. I don't have the dullness or flakiness to my facial skin. My arms and legs are benefiting too because they are getting the moisture that they need.

          I am sharing this experience because I believe that taking care of our bodies from the inside out is very important. Another benefit to making healthy changes to our routines is to incorporate a skin care routine which should include a healthy diet, exercise, and a daily practice of five easy steps to great skin.

           The first step is to find a cleanser that works for your specific skin type. Second step is to exfoliate your skin on a daily basis so that you remove all the dead skin cells that develop. Third step is to tone your skin to keep the pores tight and evenly hydrated. Water helps with this process too! Fourth step is moisturize your skin even if it is oily. Many times our skin will become oily because our body is overworking to create moisture for the skin.

          The last step is foundation. This is a protection step that keeps our skin from absorbing all of the pollutants that are in our environment. Many women and young ladies want to skip this very important step because of the difficulty in matching a color to your skin. I understand this frustration and concern. There are many types of foundations from mineral powder to tinted moisturizers. I would simply suggest that you find a professional that specializes in skin care and color cosmetics to assist in getting a perfectly matched foundation.

          All of these tips will have your skin and the rest of your body feeling wonderful, especially when you start taking a cool drink of water on regular basis.

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    1. Cheryl:

      You are very welcome. I’ve learned to love water because I like the benefit to my skin and

      to the rest of my body.

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