Creating a Unique Style of Beauty from the Inside Out

Do you ever find yourself struggling with your reflection in the mirror? Is the person in the mirror all you would like her to be? Do you ever wish that overnight she could be transformed into the person you’ve always dreamed about? How would life be different after the change?

I want to share some of my personal journey with you. I’d like to be transparent and honest with you for a few minutes. Often, I have found myself staring in a mirror and reflecting on who I am. I find myself struggling with the image staring back at me. I desperately want to change what I see, but a little voice in my heart and mind says, “why”? Sometimes the answer is because I’m not good enough, I’m not tall enough, I can’t speak or write well enough, I’m to fat, I don’t know enough, and I don’t love and appreciate myself. Have you ever felt this way? Have you ever been overwhelmed by emotion and fear? Have you ever been so lost inside yourself that you felt like you’d never find a way out?

Well, I have and it’s a very lonely and dark place, but I have found hope through my personal relationship with Jesus. Several years ago I made some major changes in my life. The first was quitting my full time job so that I could be more available to my daughters. Then came the loss of some close family members, starting my business, my husband loosing his job, and our daughter, Andrea, graduating from high school and starting college. My husband getting rehired by his former employer which is wonderful and my part time job with Kohl’s as a beauty adviser. This year my daughter Jenna has completed middle school and will begin high school in the fall. 

As you can imagine, I have changed physically during all of this and I’ve developed some health issues as well! But, again, God has been faithful to walk with us through every step. The latest crisis was surgery this spring to remove some kidney stones. This grabbed my attention and I knew it was time to make some BIG changes in taking care of myself! I took these steps:

  • I began exercising 3-5 days every week.
  • I started drinking up to 70 ounces of water every day.
  • I am working on sleeping 6-7 hours every night (I haven’t mastered this yet!)
  • I am working on developing better eating habits and focusing on a goal to loose 40 lbs by December. I’ve reached the 25 lb mark!! 

The most important and pivotal change has been my walk with God. This area of my life has blossomed and grown in countless ways. I have literally experienced healing and restoration from the inside out. 

The results have been so encouraging that I’d like to share a before and after picture with you. I’m sharing this not to brag, but to give God all the glory for his work in my life and to encourage you. If you are struggling with the image in the mirror and you desire a change, I know God will help you find a way. I’m still a BIG work in progress, but I’m so excited to see what else God has planned for his life purpose within me! If I can help you on your journey I’d love to do that with you.