Fun Tips and Ideas for Fall Photo Shoots

Leigh Ann Napier and Family 11-5-14.jpgDo you ever wonder why some pictures look great and others are just okay? Have you taken a close look at a your favorite family picture and thought about why you like it? Is it the background, the way people are posed, or the clothes they are wearing? Here are some tips to help you with your next photo session.

1. Tell a color story by wearing colors that compliment each other in group poses.

2. Try to have each person wear a color that is flattering to their features.

3. Wear styles that are trendy being careful that they flatter your body type.

4. Be careful not wear to much white or black as these colors can give you a washed out appearance.

5. Find an experienced photographer that is great with outdoor lighting and filtering out flaws. 

My friend, Leigh Ann, had a fun family picture made recently. It inspired me to write this blog because its a great example of the tips I listed above. They did a great job of mixing denim with brown and red. I love the detail in each of girls dresses especially Halle Kate’s. I also love the way they are posed in the fall back ground. The photographer, Angela Walter Gute, did a wonderful job capturing a great family picture.

If you’re thinking about a family photo shoot in the near future, and you want some help with a clothing color story or any of the other tips, please contact me. I would love to help you create a great memory!


2 thoughts on “Fun Tips and Ideas for Fall Photo Shoots

  1. That is a beautiful pic of Leigh Ann’s family – love the fall background and the boots and the way they are all dressed. Thanks for the tips, Lynnae!

    1. Beth I love how Leigh Ann’s family is dressed. They did a great job of bringing fun and style
      to the photo as well as a great color combination. Wearing the right colors together and ones that flatter
      each person can pull together a fun look.

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