Have Fun Shopping Your Closet

Blog post 4-14-14Have you had the urge to clean out closets, reorganize your work space, spruce up the yard, begin a remodel project??? Then you may have a case of SPRING FEVER!!! I know I'm ready to make some changes to my personal wardrobe, office space, and the rest of my home! I love the green grass and beautiful spring flowers. I enjoy a spring thunderstorm! I LOVE the newness of life as the vibrant spring colors begin to pop up!!!

Today, I'm going to challenge you to start your Spring makeover with a closet redesign! I know this may be challenging for some…but you CAN DO IT!!! Here are five basic steps:

  • Set a side a FULL day to this project:  I have found that starting this task and stopping half way through is frustrating and discouraging.
  • Prepare your workspace and supplies:  Make sure you have a large enough workspace to create several piles.You'll need a place to put donations, consignment items, items to be repaired or tailored, and items to be tossed. Make sure you have bins, plastic bags, hangers, other storage items available.
  • Be prepared to try on everything in your closet!: Ask yourself, "If I went shopping today, would I buy this?" Make sure it's a style that you would wear or a color that flatters you. Does it fit your body type properly? Are you comfortable in the outfit and does it flatter you? If you have not worn the item in 6-12 months, then consider getting rid of it! Why take up prime real estate in your closet? Bless someone else with something new!
  • Take immediate action to make changes!: All the donations should be taken to Good Will or another place within 24-48 hours. Take repairs to your tailor and drop anything to be dry cleaned. Wash, press and hang everything back into your closet.
  • Sort clothes by type, color, and style :  Sorting and putting all the same type of garments together will help you easily shop your closet for outfits that go together. You can categorize your clothes by professional attire and casual attire as well!

Sometimes this can be a daunting task. So I would encourage you to invite a friend that you trust to help you make the tough decisions. You won't regret the help and you'll glad you made the change! If you don't have a friend, I'd love to help you redesign your wardrobe and give you a new Spring Look! Check out my service page for more details!