I am SO EXCITED about iBloom in Business Boot Camp!

I AM SO EXCITED!!! Ladies, Have you wanted to be a part of a group of women that are encouraging, helpful, complimentary, supportive, prayerful, HAPPY, and WANT the BEST for YOU!!! Well, I FOUND IT!  About two years I began my business and ministry which meant that I needed to use many avenues to share it.  One day I was searching on my Linkedin page to find professional women speakers. I did a search under Kentucky and up popped Kelly Thorne Gore, founder of iBloom. I wrote her a message and asked if we could talk about working together. She called me and we had a very pleasant conversation. Then a few months passed and she sent me an e-mail to invite me to be an Ambassador for her company. I was thrilled to be given this opportunity!

Since then I have grown to LOVE this group of ladies on so many levels. Here are just a few. They are related to my life and my business:

  • Friendship:The women in the iBloom community are loving and caring. I feel like I have a sisterhood that I belong with!
  • Godly Women:The iBloom Team represent a group of women that TRUELY put GOD, Family, and Work in the right order. They REALLY live this out everyday.
  • Entrepreneurship:The women you will meet through the Equipping Christian Women in Business are true Entrepreneurs with hearts to serve other people and come along side other business owners with encouragement and support.
  • Growth: I have grown emotionally, spiritually, and in my business skills because of iBloom.

I would like to share an opportunity with you to experience what iBloom is about. If you are someone with an Entrepreneural spirit and you've been in business for one year or longer, then might be offer you need to check out. Beginning on April 22, 2014…iBloom will offer a two Business Boot Camp. All the sessions are recorded so you can listen and learn even if you cannot attend LIVE. iBloom in Business Boot Camp