I want to LOVE my body type! But what type am I ?

BodyShapes 6-9-14 blog post.jpgDo you ever find yourself standing in front of a mirror with a look of frustration on your face? Are you frustrated because nothing EVER seems to fit? Or maybe you find an outfit that fits you well but you're not sure about the color? Do you have a lot of "fluff" to conceal in certain spots but you're not cofident in doing that? I am going to help you with several of these areas. I will cover several of these concerns in a quick an easy series for you!

Let's start with your body type? There is a lot of advice available on this topic. Most women are aware of the shape method to understanding your body type. They are pear, apple, hour glass, and rectangle. These types are somewhat easy to understand, but I'd like to give you a simpler method. It's called the bod-x method. Here is are the keys to making the bod-x system work and help you to LOVE your body type! Answer one easy question, "Where do I typically gain weight?"

 B-If you answered, in my tummy area, then you are a "B" body type. This means that you have balanced shoulders and hips. A small rear-end, and full tummy and mid-drift area.

 O-If you answered, in my bust area, then you are a "O" body type. This means that you have a larger bust area and are full in your mid drift area with rounded shoulders.

 D- If you answered, in my hips, thighs, and rear end, then you are a "D" body type. This means that you have narrow shoulders and waist but are broader in the hips.

 X- If you answered, I gained weight evenly all over, then you are an "X" body type,  This means that you are well proportioned and balanced in your appearance.

 Lastly, you may think I'm not any of these types then you're probably a combination of types. The most common are the O/B (looks like an apple shape) or and O/D type (looks like an hour glass)

 How can I create balance for my body type?

Balance is created by fixing what is out of balance. For example, I am a "B" body type. So I work at balancing my stomach area with the rest of my body. I use monochromatic dressing or column dressing to create balance. This means that I wear the same color in the top and bottom of my outfit. Then I use a contrasting color or pattern in jacket, sweater, or accessory to draw the eye to the middle of my body. This creates a slim silhouette and gives me confidence in my appearance.

In my next blog, I will share with you about other ways to balance out each body type. If you'd like more information about this or other style topics, check out a great new book written by Shari Braendel's called Help Me Jesus! I have nothing to wear!   You can find it online at Amazon or any of your local book stores. If you live near Cincinnati, then come to the Family Chrsitian Store in Florence KY on August 9, 2014 to get more inside tips from this book, a FREE Color analysis and other savy fashion advice from 1-3 PM.




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  1. Understanding my body type and realizing that just because something looks great on a model does not mean it will look right on my body, is essential when shopping for clothes. Thank you for the work you do and the awareness you bring to us around our body!

  2. This is a great article!!! (I followed you from Equipping Christian Women, btw). All I have ever known about my body type is that my kids called me "fluffy" when they were little!


    1. Shelby:

      Thanks for sharing your comment and following from Equipping Christian Women. If you have any questions or need any tips, please let me know.
      Please feel freebie to subscribe to my newsletter and grab my free tip sheet.


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