I want to love my body type II- Maximize your style!

101816437_450In my last post " I want to love my body type" I described each type and how to bring balance to your body type. This post I will share some tips about choosing a specific style to fit each type.

Remember that the easiest way to determine your type is to ask yourself, "where do I typically gain weight ?" 

1.The best style for a "B" body type, sometimes called the "Apple",  is an Empire waistline.

  • The waistline should start just below the bust area.
  • This style is great because the flow of the dress covers the stomach are and gives a slender
  • appearance.
  • This a beautiful style for a Mother of Bride dress.

2.  A very pretty style for an  "O" body type, sometimes called an inverted triangle, is the empire waistline like the "B" body type.

  • You want to ensure that you don't over emphasize the shoulders.
  • The best type of dress is a style flatters your legs. Make sure the skirt length is just slightly above the knee or at the knee in length. 
  • You can bring emphasis to the waist with a wide belt. 
  • This body type always looks great in a collarless jacket.

3. An attractive dress style for the "D" body type, often referred to as a "pear", is one that is fitted at  the top because of a narrow shoulder and a small to medium bust area.

  • The dress skirt should be A-line so that hips and shoulder are more in alignment which balances out proportions of the body. Dresses with belts or that ties at the waist are a great style as well. 

4. The "X" body type has the most balanced proportions of all the types.

This type should pay close attention to how tight or loose the dress fits.

  • Any style will look great on you.
  • Be careful to buy sizes that fit properly, not to big, you'll look sloppy or to small; you'll look sexy
  • You need to focus on the size of prints for your body type.
  • Match fabric prints to your frame size.
  •  Using monochromatic colors and adding a print  scarf or colored jewelry helps to draw attention to your face.

5. Combination body types such as an "O/D", need to focus on minimizing the bust area and aligning the shoulder and hips.

  • The best approach is to use column dressing or monochromatic colors together.
  • Putting a black jacket or sweater with a black skirt and then adding a print or striped blouse will help the bust area to appear smaller and the hips to be narrower.
  • Adding a belt to the waist gives definition to the outfit and wearing a necklace or scarf near the face draws the eye upward and away from your problem area.


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