My top FOUR Favorites! Spring and Summer Styles that are SUPER Easy to wear !!!

Are you still trying to decide how to UPDATE your wardrobe for the Summer? May you are in an area of the US that just got warm or even HOT!!!! In my area, we just came through one of the wettest season on record for the Ohio Valley! Now it’s blazin’ HOT and HUMID!!! So how do you dress??? I’d LOVE to share my top FOUR favorite trends….

My top FOUR favorite trends:

I would love to share my top FOUR favorite trends with you. They are color trends, kimonos, cute and comfy shoes, and scarves. I will explain why I have chosen these trends and how you can add them to your wardrobe this summer.

1. Color: It brings out the best features for every woman.

In some of my previous posts I shared the importance of color as it relates to a particular color code. I want to review this quickly for you. There are SIX COLOR CODES in the system that I teach.

  1. Light- A person who has fair skin, light colored eyes, and light to medium blonde hair color.
  2. Deep- A person who has medium to dark skin, dark brown eye color, and brown or black hair.
  3. Clear- A person who has fair skin, a bright eye color, and black hair
  4. Soft- A person who has medium skin tone, medium eye color, medium to dark blonde hair
  5. Warm- A person who has any skin tone, any eye color, and strawberry blonde hair, brown hair with red highlights, or red hair.
  6. Cool- A person who has salt and pepper hair color, a pink under tone to skin but not always, and any eye color.

The color code types are important to know because each type can wear a different intensity of the Spring/Summer color trends.  They are: Cool- crisp and icy, any intensity, Light- light, medium, and bright tones, Warm-medium to dark tones, Deep-dark, rich tones, Clear-bright and vivid tones, Soft- mellow and medium tones.


Several of  color trends can be worn by all the color types, but you need to pay attention to the intensity noted above.

The colors specific for each code are: Olive Green-warm, deep, soft, Mustard Yellow-warm, deep, soft, Lime Yellow- clear, light, deep, Orange-deep, clear, Lavender-light, soft,cool,clear (when worn with black) Fuschia-hot pink- light, clear, deep, and cool. I love the variety of the color tones for the Summer. The important thing to remember is that you don’t need to try and wear all of the colors. Instead, pick one or two of your favorite shades and pair them with your best neutral colors to build your Spring/Summer style.


2. Kimono: Is a Fun and Stylish Piece that’s here to stay for awhile!

I love the Kimono look. They are a fun layering piece that adds texture while being cool and comfortable in the heat of the summer. There are multiple ways to wear a kimono. The trend this season is wear it over a tank top, jeans, and a stylish heel. Another  way  to wear this look is to pair it with a dress or shorts and cute pair of sandals. The most important thing to remember is your height, so that you don’t look frumpy because the length can cause you to appear short and boxy.  Kimonos can add some great colors and patterns to your wardrobe as well as trend elements like fringe, lace, and ruffles.

3. Scarves: They are the ultimate accessory for adding a pop of color or designing an entire outfit.

Scarves are my absolute favorite accessory to update an outfit, add a touch of pattern or style to tie several clothing colors together. They come in all shapes, sizes, and textures. They can be worn multiple ways. I love working with oblong scarves. Here are a couple of ideas for wearing them. Take your favorite oblong scarf and put it through the belt loops of your favorite jeans or dress pants. Take the end and tie them to the side in a square knot or bow tie. Another fun way to wear a large square is take it and tie the corners together which creates arm holes. Put your arms through the holes and you have a colorful vest. This look is very trendy and slimming for multiple body types. The ULTIMATE summer trend is the bow! A FUN way to wear this trend is called the Floppy Bow! You can wear in your hair, under the collar of a blouse, tied around your neck, or tied to the handle of your purse. All these looks are adorable! 


4. Cute and Comfy Shoes

In summer, I LOVE to be outside where I can walk and enjoy the sunshine while looking stylish in my shoes. BUT, comfort is a HUGE factor for me!! Most of the time I live in my walking shoes,but occasionally I like to dress to up my outfit with a cute flat in a print or try a low heeled sandal. Some of the summer trends for shoes are animal prints, rope/braided slippers, mules, leather thong sandals, bright tennis shoes, wide strap slides, and the list goes on! Here are a few examples