Personal Shopping & Styling

This is an opportunity to work one to one with Lynnae and discover the very best colors to wear, how to know and understand your body type, ways to fix problem areas and enhance other features, and to share ideas to show off your personality and your personal style. She will work with a client’s current wardrobe to weed out clothing that does not work and incorporate new pieces that will provide style, grace, and professionalism. She will help a client to do all of this on a budget that works well with a client’s personal style and faith.

“Thanks so much for meeting with me! I love that I now have several great pieces for my spring wardrobe, that are SO COLORFUL, and really do look Great on me—I feel so pretty with my new haircut and so look forward to applying what I learned to my closet!”
Nicole Branham, Home School Mom

“Lynnae did some invaluable pre-session questioning that she used to her advantage. She already had a good idea of my size, color preferences, and style before our actual meeting. We verified my color palette and body type, and were ready to start shopping! She showed me how to draw attention away from my figure problem areas, and accentuate my positive areas. I learned from her summary sheet post-session, that she was truly listening to my concerns – which she addressed. I think I got the most tips possible during our session, plus some new clothes and dressing ideas!”
Debbie Locke  Retired Resource Teacher Jefferson County School

“I invested in a Closet Edit session with Lynnae Bussell and it was worth every penny! Lynnae helped me weed out the items that didn’t make me look fabulous and gave me ideas for remixing and updating items that I never would have thought of myself. I now know what colors and styles will be most flattering for me. I have a very focused list to take with me on my next shopping trip, which will ensure that nothing I buy will hang in my closet for six months unworn with the tags still on! As a self-employed professional, it’s important for me to make a good impression on potential clients.”
Financial Coach

“I want to sincerely thank Lynnae for helping me with my professional wardrobe. After losing 100 pounds, nothing fit except my earrings! Also, for the last few years I have been exclusively a stay-at-home mom, so I really didn’t have a need for professional clothes. Further, I am not very good at picking out clothes and I really don’t care to go shopping. I wonder if Lynnae has ever had such a blank slate to work with! Anyway, we met and she immediately knew what colors would work on me. Once we zeroed in on a style and an image, things came together quickly! I tried on clothes I would have never picked out on my own! I look so pulled together and professional, but still feminine, stylish and modern. Amazingly, all the outfits mix and match with each other, another feat I could have never accomplished on my own. The price of her advice was less than the price of one outfit, but the value is multiplied by the fact that the pieces mix and match. So not only did one of the outfits make it on the cover of my book, Freedom From Fibromyalgia: 7 Steps To Complete Recovery, the colors in the clothes, brown and blue, are now the colors of all my marketing images and website! Thank you, Lynnae!!!”
Leah McCullough writer, author, and speaker.

“I had a very successful closet/wardrobe consultation with Lynnae.  She first completed a color assessment and provided me with swatches showing the various colors that will work best with my eyes, skin and hair. Next we attacked the closet and basically looked at every piece in my wardrobe.  She helped me understand tops and bottoms that will go together along with jewelry from my collection that would help the outfits to pop.  We pulled a number of items from my closet that were out of style or no longer looked right on me which was one of my biggest requests for her.  She put combinations together that I would have never known to do and identified items that I need to add to match a few skirts or tops.  We spent three hours together on this process and I really am happy with the clothes left in my closet and the ways she showed me to put items and accessories together to create fun and fashionable outfits.”
Dottie Jansen, voice over and IT specialist

“A God given gift to me when Lynnae came and tackled my closet, she held me to the fire to make the hard decisions and get me over my obstacle of ridding what no longer fits my style — exactly what I needed!  She is creative and knowledgeable about style, color and fit, and I now wear colors that I previously refused to wear.  I feel renewed and thankful every day as I stand in front of my ‘new’ closet.  She was fun yet professional and the day flew by…
It is what she leaves behind that makes it clear she works and walk’s with God’s spirit, truly a pleasure to work with her!  I highly recommend her!”
Laura Duminuco, Administrative Assistant