Put Some “Spring” in Your Style by Accessorizing

Are you tired of the gray skies and cold winter days? Have your thoughts turned toward spring? Have you noticed all the beautiful colors in the flowering trees and plants? Do you have Spring fever? Do you want to wear sandals, capris, shorts, and fun colored tops? Well, I have had a BAD case of Spring Fever and I am ready to SHOP!! So I thought I'd share a few of my discoveries with you.

Since there are so many accessory choices I am going give you some tips according to your dominant color characteristics. Here are some examples of the different color types:

Light: Natural Blonde or White hair, Fair to Medium skin tone and light colored eyes.
(Blue, Green, Hazel, and Brown)
Deep: Medium to Dark Brown hair, Medium to Dark skin tone, and Hazel,Brown or Black eyes.
Clear: Fair to Light to Medium skin tone, dark brown or black hair, and bright eye color
(Blue, Green, Hazel, and Brown)
Soft: Medium Brown Hair, sometimes mousy or dish water blonde, light to medium skin tone, and Blue, Green, Hazel, and Brown eyes.
Warm: Red, Golden Blonde, or Brown with red highlights, any skin tone(sometimes with freckles) Green, Hazel, Blue or Brown eyes
Cool: Silver, Gray, or ash brown hair, pink undertone to skin (but not always)
Blue, Green, Hazel or Brown eyes

When I went shopping recently I noticed several cute accessory styles for Spring:
This color and style is great for someone with light features.
The silver hardware goes well with blonde hair or pure white hair and light eyes.

Another great accessory to add a pop of color to your out fit is a scarf.
They can dress up a plain tee-shirt for a fun evening out on the town.
This color scarf would be great for a person with clear color characteristics. 1251767_Green_Sheen Placing color close to the face draws the eye away from other problem areas. A person with red or golden blonde hair could add a necklace in a warm green to a purple or navy blouse. 1359808_Green

These are few ideas to update the style of your spring wardrobe. It isn't necessary to buy everything new each season. I would suggest that you take time to spring clean your closet by taking inventory of the pieces you own. You should replace the items that are worn out or do not fit and then put the items back by color, type, and style.

Another great accessory statement is a bracelet. They come in many shapes and styles. I found this style in great colors for a cool. This person needs to wear accessories and clothes with blue under tones and silver accents.



The person with soft color characteristics could add a scarf in a soft teal blue to a blouse in a soft yellow or navy.
A person with deep color characteristics looks great in colors with depth like royal blue and purple.




Here is a purse that is very stylish and works great for a deep 1245725
All of these pictures can be found on the Kohl's website. Please feel free to ask questions or comment on this blog. I would love your feedback.

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  1. Great suggestions! I love the lime green scarf! I loved scarves for fall and winter but in Arizona, we can’t wear them much until about November! 🙂 I think I need a new purse, though…maybe turquoise…

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    2. Thanks! This was my fashion focused blog. I may continue and make if a blog series! It’s fun!

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