Spring is in the air! Learn the NEW SPRING FASHION TRENDS!!!

I LOVE to share new trends each season. I love the fun new looks for this Spring! There SEVEN to share with you.

1. This is a “girly denim jacket.”  This style can be worn in many different ways. You can put it with a dress, skirt, dress slacks, or jeans. You can wear it with a graphic tee, as a top with a cami, or add a floral neckerchief to dress it up. I would love to wear this look with a blouse that hangs below the waist and a pair of leggings. So cute and easy to wear. You can find this jacket at MarieDesignMD.

2. The Coach Jacket maybe my new favorite for Spring. I think the style is fun. You can find these in almost all of the colors for spring. My favorite color this season is pink. Here is an example of the jacket.  You can find this one at https://www.apparelnbags.com


3. The last jacket style that I like is the Trench coat. This is a classic that has been around FOREVER. There are many updated versions of this coat, but I like the classic look the best. The trend is to wear this coat like a suit jacket with dress slacks and heels, leggings and boots, or jeans and flats. It can be worn casually or as a dressy business outfit. http://www.keoneulaes.org


4. Graphic Tees are BIG again this Spring. They can be a fun way to express your favorite quote, band, place to live or your favorite cartoon character. They can be as simple as a smiley face. I love that these can be worn by kids, teens, and adults! I really like this one.


5. We can’t leave out accessories for this season. I love the floral trend in purses, backpacks, scarves, tops, leggings, dresses, and skirts. The patterns are bold and bright, soft and classic, and large and small patterned. I love this example of a fun cross body bag with a pretty floral pattern and detailing. You can find this style on http://www.kohls.com/handbags


6. The platform sandal is back again this Spring. I will have to learn to like this style. Call me old fashioned, but I still like a classic sandal or pump for a casual or professional look. This style I found on Pinterest.


7. One of my favorite accessories has always been a scarf. A scarf can bring together an entire outfit and add a pop of color near your face. They come in all sizes, but the popular one for this Spring is a neckerchief. Think Mary Tyler Moore and the ’70’s. Here is an example that can be found at http://www.allexpress.com