Star Personality! Style Personality! We all have one, But…which one are You?

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Have you ever looked at a fashion magazine and thought to yourself, “I’d love to be know how to create an outfit like that for ME? But I get all confused about the colors that look the best, what fits my body the best, and what accessories to wear, how many, and what looks sharp together!”

I’m here to rescue you from all the confusion about style, especially the really “fuzzy” area of accessorizing an outfit. This area is probably the most difficult one for women. If you are like me, I get frustrated with all the choices or falling into a daily rut of wearing the same thing all the time! I’m going share with you some tips and tricks that may help with creativity and fun wearing accessories.

Did you know that everyone has their very own style personality? It’s the way that we express ourselves. Your style is unique from everyone else! You might not think you have style, but you do! .Learning how to correctly accessorize is the perfect way to showcase your style personality!  Many of my style clients think in terms of adding jewelry to their outfit.But guess what? It doesn’t stop there. There are lots of other things to choose from like scarves, glasses, shoes, handbags that pull your outfit together. It means getting your nails done and wearing a beautiful printed shawl over your favorite dress, buying a new pair of jeans, and adding a chunky belt. It can mean many things and ideas!

Before I go any further, I want to share a question with you that I hear often when I’m working one to one with a client or doing a presentation. Most women ask, “How many accessories are enough? What size accessory is the best for me? Here are some ideas that may help answer these questions.

Tip #1 I want to share a little quiz with you called the “16 Point Accessory Rule”. I learned this from my good friend and mentor Shari Braendel of Fashion Meets Faith.It’s a method where you add or subtract accessories until you reach 16. The object is to give you a balanced appearance. Here is The 16-Point Accessory Rule. that you can download for fun!

Tip #2  You want to wear accessories that fit your FRAME size. This is your STAR personality. I’ll briefly share the idea here, but stay tuned for another post with ideas and ways to determine your Star!!

  • Rock Star: Women who are 5’8″ or taller. They should wear accessories that are large or over sized.
  • Movie Star: Women who are 5’7″ – 5’4″ tall. They should wear accessories that are medium to large
  • Glamor Girls : Women who are 5’3″ and under in height should wear accessories that are medium to small.

When you think of accessories remember that the size includes the pattern in your clothing as well as the size hand bag you carry. If you are a petite person, a large print blouse will overwhelm you. If you are a tall women, wearing prints that are to small it will cause people to notice the outfit you have on rather than you.

Tip # 3  Your STYLE personality determines the way you like to dress and what makes you feel comfortable. There are four style personalities women fall into. These personalities affect your color choices, clothing choices, hair and makeup styles and your accessory style. Here is a brief description of each type:

  • Classic Modern- She is someone who prefers tailored clothes. You’ll often find her in a blazer, white shirt, and well pressed jean. She will wear beads, bracelets, and colorful scarves. But often you find her wearing simple hoop earring and a chain necklace in silver or gold. She may add a trendy ring, scarf, or hand bag to her style
  • Pure Natural- She loves the outdoors. Her personality is usually relaxed and easy going. She love to be comfortable. You’ll often find her khakis, polo shirts, and comfortable shoes like sandals or clogs. She wears minimal makeup and keeps sunblock close at hand.
  • Style Fashionista: She loves every fashion design and wears before its a trend. She has a style all her own and she probably started at a very young age.
  • Creative Original- She loves to wear different textures together. She likes to layer her pieces together.. They maybe flowing fabric with a whimsical or artistic print. She looks for unique pieces of jewelry that are one of a kind. 

I hope one of these styles resonates with you! I encourage you to pick one even if you feel like you are a combination. It will help you in building a beautiful wardrobe that you’ll love! If you are interested in learning more about your Star Personality or your Style Personality, go ahead and completed the form on my contact page or download my your free gift: Fashion Tips: Six Ways To Mix and Match Your Style on the home page! Leave me a comment with your style choice, I’d LOVE to know!!!


5 thoughts on “Star Personality! Style Personality! We all have one, But…which one are You?

  1. I’ve been each one of these styles at one time or another but lately Lynnae I am a Creative Original. I’m on a weird cusp–I’ll be 50 in August so I’ve crossed that bridge where I don’t want to dress too young yet, I’m not old. 😉 I no longer work a corporate job so I don’t do the “suit” either. Hence, I’ve opted for creative; although I work in retirement community I’m not ready to wear pedal pushers and oversized tees everyday either.

    1. Hi Kim! Here are a couple of suggestions. I’m right at the same age as you. I know the struggle with finding clothes that are age appropriate while being fun, comfortable,and a little trendy. This spring I would suggest going for a layered look. You can wear shorts, capri or ankle length pants with fun graphic tees. (don’t worry it’s not all logos and stuff) For a creative original, you’ll want to add one of kind statement pieces to your wardrobe. Also, try wearing a denim jacket with your skirts or sundress. hope that helps!

  2. Looking over your tips I find that I am Movie Star height who is a combination of Pure Natural and Creative Original. I’m usually found in jeans and t-shirts year around with layers during the winter months to stay warm. During the summer, the jeans are replaced with capri style shorts on warmer days. I will mix fabric and textures readily when I layer for the cold weather or on the occasions that I dress up. The creative side is also expressed more with my accessories. I have earrings of various lengths/styles that I’ll use when I am more dressed up or feeling like being different. I also have the unique thing of looking about 10 years younger than I am. I tend to dress a little that way as well. I have a variety of boots that are perfect for the 20 something and younger crowd while I’m in my mid-upper 30’s.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comments. You style sounds very fun and creative. I live a lot in jeans during the winter when I’m not out styling with a client.
      I love that you add layers for creativity and warmth. I’d love to see a picture of a fun outfit that you’ve created. Feel free to post to my facebook page at I love the height of all movie stars, in fact I wish I was 5’4″ to 5’7″ tall.

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