Stop the impulse shopping! Shop with a Purpose

Hey Ladies! Are you an impulse shopper? Do you find yourself buying something just because it’s in style for the season or because it’s on sale? Have you ever made a purchase knowing that you’ll probably only wear it ONCE? Do you ever stand in front of your closet and say, ” I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear”? Well, I’ve been guilty of all these thoughts and impulses myself until I learned the secret to SHOPPING WITH PURPOSE!-23

Here are a few easy steps to shopping with purpose!

  • Do a wardrobe inventory.  This will take some time and effort but the end result is worth it! Remember, simple is best. The goal is to have your closet and drawers filled with only those items that fit you well, are the best color, and that you love to wear.  The items that don’t meet this requirement should be donated to a charity, sold at a consignment shop, or given to a friend.


  • Shop for the 12 Must Have Items. These items are the first things you should put on your shopping list. By the way, you should always have an ongoing shopping list tucked inside your purse. When you are out running errands or shopping at the Mall, and you see an essential item, buy it and cross it off your list. This is not shopping impulsively. It’s shopping with PURPOSE! Some of the 12 Must Haves are jeans in a dark wash to wear with heels or boots, jeans to wear with flats or casual comfort shoes, a blazer, a white or off-white blouse, a little black (or brown) dress, etc.


  • Shop according to your style personality and budget. When you begin to discover your personal style then shopping becomes a treasure hunt with purpose! There are four types. Pure Natural, this is the style personality that loves comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement. They minimize their makeup and have an easy hair style. Classic Modern, this style loves a tailored appearance. One of their favorite go to styles is a blazer, white collared shirt, dark wash jeans, and heels.They may add a printed scarf or statement ring for a modern touch. Creative Original, this style loves to wear bright and colorful clothing. She loves to add floral and animals prints for a splash of contrast. She adds one of kind jewelry and handbags to her outfits. Style Fashionista, this style loves to be trendy and a little edgy in her appearance.For every one of these personalities there are retail stores, consignment shops, and thrift stores to match your budget.-30


Once you master these secrets to shopping with PURPOSE, then shopping will become fulfilling and FUN. I want to encourage you to start looking at different types of stores, clothing, and price points. Take some time to learn the people that work at a store. Eventually you’ll find that they will learn what you like. They may even call you when items go on sale or they receive an item that you’ll love. If you would individualized service from a fashion coach, you can always contact me here. Please share your questions and comments with me. I LOVE to learn from you, too!





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  1. I had to downsize my closet when I moved into the RV so my closet is very scaled back. Jeans and white shirts are my go-to wardrobe items! I have a couple of blazers and sweaters to top it all off as I tend to find the one seat where the A/C is full blast or the draft is. Great pointers Lynnae.

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