The HEART of a Junior Fashion Stylist

The HEART of a Junior FashionStylist I am going to share my HEART of a junior fashion stylist with you. First, I want to ask a question. Have you always known exactly what you are suppose to do with your life? Did you start out kind of hard wired in a certain direction with a passion or feeling that you are good at something? Well, I personally believe the God has a plan for each of us to work in a particular way.

Here are somethings that have been consistent throughout my life. 1.) I love working with people 2.) I enjoy listening and engaging in stories so that I can help solve a problem or offer a solution 3.) I love learning in a visual way by using my hands and eyes to bring balance to a person or space.All of these things relate well to helping a person find their personal style.

When I was a young girl I had a lot of friends and I enjoyed people. But as I grew older and began to go to school I experienced meanness, bullying, learning difficulties, and a very low self esteem. I began to loose confidence in myself to accomplish anything. But God didn't loose confidence in me. Instead, He kept developing his plan for my life. One day, when I was 12 or 13, my Mom brought home a book called Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson. I learned all about color and how it can help enhance your beauty from this book. About this same time I began a weight loss journey which meant I needed a new wardrobe. My Mom took me to a personal stylist. The stylist helped me pick out and coordinate my own personal style or clothing. We had a TON OF FUN!!! My self esteem began to return and I grew more confident around people. I believe that God planted a seed in my heart to be a junior stylist that day.

Fast forwarding a little, I eventually completed High School and college, but not without some doubts about my career choices. When I look back I can see how God kept redirecting my path back to people, problem solving, and using my visual skills to help others see things from a different perspective.  Eventually I meet my husband, got married , and started a family. So I left retail and started a career in various office jobs. But about 5 years ago God took my heart back to my childhood passion of color, style, makeup, and clothing. He blssed me with training as an image consultant through Fashion Meets Faith where I earned my certification as a Christian Image Consultant (aka. junior fashion stylist)

Shari Braendel, my trainer and mentor, is the president of Fashion Meets Faith and founder of a program called Reveal Your Dignity. The reason I shared my story about a love for fashion is a belief that there are many young women, like myself, that would love an opportunity to learn about this industry as a career or just to feel better about  themselves. Reveal Your Dignity is a program designed to teach middle school through college age women character skills and fashion skills to enable these girls to dress with respect and dignity for themsleves and others. Through a FUN and interactve workshop, 10 months of online training, color tools and fashion tools, training manual, mentoring from a professional stylist (ME!!), and a custom made tote they will become JR Fashion Stylist. They will be equipped to mentor the next generation, create their very own professional portfolio, and earn community service hours by completing FUN FASHION challenges and other projects.

The first of its kind workshop will be held in the Cincinnati/N. Kentucky area on Sunday Spetember 14, 2014 from 1:00-3:00 PM at the Holiday Inn Cincinnati Aiport location. 1717 Airport Exchange Blvd Erlanger KY. The registration cost is $279.00($1500.00 value). We are offering a special "early bird" registration price that includes all the materials for $199.00. If you want to come and "try before you" buy, there is a fashion understudy fee of $49.00 for the workshop only. The registration deadline is August 31,2014! Hurry! Because you don't want to miss this opportunity of a life time!