The Seed is the beginning….

 The “seed” of any plant is interesting. I recently relearned that a seed within itself has everything that it needs to produce a new plant. I thought this was interesting because we, as women, have been given all the gifts, talents, and ability to become a Beautiful creation designed by God.

I also found it fascinating that each seed produces a different type of plant. A flower for example can come in various color, fragrances, and designs. They are pretty by themselves or gathered together randomly in a group. They brighten a room with color and smell. They are often used to cheer someone up or to celebrate an occasion.

Other types of seeds produce foods. They provide nutrition that we need. They are various in type and purpose. They are wonderful to look at after they are prepared and they taste wonderful.

All of this reminds me that each woman is beautiful, unique, and wonderfully made.
Alone, she is special because she is the only one of her kind. No has ever been like her before or will ever be like her again. Together with other people, her talents, gifts, and abilities can flourish to help a whole garden bloom with vibrant color and beauty!

I think we all need to remember that we are special, unique, and one of kind. We are created by God who loves us unconditionally and enjoys our differences. He also longs to know us personally and help us grow into the fullness of our purpose for His glory.